I empower parents to overcome challenges and feel more confident, capable and proud of their unique style of parenting.

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Values Guided Parenting... Confident, capable and proactive parenting, for happy thriving families.


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As an experienced Family Coach, qualified early childhood teacher, primary school teacher, Montessori teacher and passionate RIE/Piker educator, I have a knack for knowing just the right resource that is required to help you overcome your family challenge.

I specialise in creating personalised, empowering resources that make children feel special, whilst simultaneously supporting them to overcome their challenge.

Some of these are featured in my online store, I also make bespoke resources for parents that have specific requirements.

Are you finding parenting really challenging?

Perhaps you've been listening to podcasts, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, but you just can't seem to find the right advice to help you resolve your challenge?

I can help! I provide personalised support and individualised resources to empower parents to overcome their challenges.

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