Are you finding parenting really challenging?

Perhaps you've been listening to podcasts, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos but you just can't seem to find the right advice to help you resolve your challenge?

I can help! I provide personalised support and individualised resources to empower parents to overcome their challenges.

Examples of challenges I can help you overcome:

  • tantrums/big emotions 

  • hitting/hurting/biting/fighting

  • breaking habits (such as thumb sucking, using dummies)

  • anxiety related challenges/bedtime battles

  • talking back/being disrespectful/lying

  • screaming/shouting/swearing

  • not listening/non-compliance

  • going through big life changes (such as parent separation or change of daycare)


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I'm Kirsty Foster, experienced Family Coach, qualified early childhood teacher, primary school teacher, Montessori teacher and passionate RIE/Piker educator.

I specialise in providing personalised coaching and individualised resources to support parents (just like you) to overcome their parenting challenges.

So if you are struggling with your parenting at the moment, know you've come to absolutely the right place! I'd love to empower you and your family to get on the same page and overcome your challenges.

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Are you and your partner finding yourselves parenting from different perspectives?

Perhaps you come from different backgrounds and/or upbringings and there's inconsistency with your parenting approaches?

With my 'Same Page Parenting Package' I help you to get more aligned with your parenting (disagree less frequently) and  provide consistency and security to your children, resulting in more positive behaviours and a calmer home.

Values Guided Parenting supports you to think strategically about your parenting.

The eBook, guides you to visualise your end goal (your grown-up, adult children), and deeply consider what kind of people you dream for them to become and the values you aspire for them to live their lives by.

Next, you'll use this visualisation to develop a personalised guide for confident and proactive parenting and discover ways to bring your

values-guided vision

to life!

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