I'm Kirsty Foster - Founder and Family Coach at Parent Like You. I am a passionate mum of three beautiful boys and am madly in love with my super supportive hubby, Andrew. 


Our family is affectionally known as 'Team Foster' because of our love of sport. We live in beautiful Bayside, sunny Brisbane, with our dog Lissie.​


I've always known that helping people on a large scale was something that I was destined to do.


As a teenager I became interested in parenting, as I would enjoy watching the show 'Super Nanny' in my school holidays. I decided to become a teacher so I could gain experience with children with the dream of one day helping make parenting easier, because it looked so difficult!

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My Professional Experience

My career started as a Primary School teacher. After my first son was born I decided to undertake further study and completed a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching so that I could understand more about the development of under-fives. 

Since then I have taught in an array of different teaching environments from RIE/Pikler learning environments, to Montessori centres, kindergartens and numerous schools. 


I have developed up a plethora of knowledge, skills and experience throughout my 18-year career working with children and families both as a teacher and a family coach.


My Parenting Journey

I became a mum at the young age of 25 and whilst I had already developed a reasonable understanding of child development through my teaching, I was still humbled by the steep learning curve you undertake as a first-time parent. 


As a lover of reading, I turned to parenting books and magazines to up-skill myself on the intricacies of being a parent.  I looked forward to my parenting reading sessions. I would lie down when my little ones were napping with a cuppa, reading a positive and informative parenting mag. It was my daily treat. 


In time, I developed my own parenting philosophies and strategies which gave me huge confidence as a Mum. ​

Over the years my husband and I have combined my interest in parenting, my teaching experience and his leadership expertise to develop and refine our own parenting approach based on our shared values - this is what we now call 'Values Guided Parenting'.

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The Story of Values Guided Parenting

Using our values to guide our parenting decisions has been extremely empowering and has given us an enormous amount of confidence in our actions and decisions over the years. 


I wanted to use this approach to help other parents who were struggling. 


In 2016 I founded my own parent consulting business where I supported parents to overcome their everyday parenting challenges using their values as a guide. I loved helping make parenting easier just like I had seen the 'Super Nanny' do all those years ago.​

When my husband and I moved to Brisbane in 2019, I decided to formally put my ideas down on paper and wrote the book 'Values Guided Parenting' so I could share this empowering parenting approach with the world.

Values Guided Parenting supports you to develop your own unique style of parenting that is right for your family. It inspires a sense of confidence in your parenting and keeps you on the right track to raising the kind of children you always dreamed they would be.​

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Parents and Daughter

Family Coaching

Fast forward to 2021 and I now empower parents full time in my work as a Family Coach.


I work with parents to get on the same page with their parenting and resolve those tricky challenges that just make their days unpleasant.


I do this in a way that is right for their family and their children and empowers the child in the process. I would love to work with your family too!

Please get in touch so we can discuss how I can support your family.