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Kirsty Foster

BEd (Primary)

Grad Dip Tchg (ECE)

Cert. Montessori Ed.

Kirsty Foster is an experienced early childhood teacher, Primary School teacher, Montessori teacher and passionate RIE/Pikler educator.


She is also a proud mum to 3 awesome boys, wife to husband, Andy and Founder and Family Coach here at Parent Like You.


Kirsty's teaching and coaching experience, combined with her own personal parenting experience and her intuitive nature, provides her with an amazing gift for empowering parents to overcome their everyday parenting challenges.


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Dr Angie Randell




(Member of Australian Psychological Society)

Dr Angie Randell is a clinical psychologist with a PHD on the topic of child development.


Angie has been working as a Psychologist since 2006, and in much of that time she has focused on working with children, adolescents and their families. She has an interest in development across the whole lifespan. She currently works in private practice at Samford Valley, Brisbane City and online. 

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Ashma Arora

LLB (Hons) PG Dip

NMAS Mediator & FDRP

Ashma is a dual qualified lawyer in Australia and UK. She is a collaboratively trained family lawyer, mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner.


Ashma specialises in helping separating couples resolve their property and parenting disputes without going to court through solicitor led negotiation, mediation and collaborative practice - wherever possible. She has helped hundreds of clients move towards a brighter future, following relationship breakdown.


She is in a unique position to help UK ex-pats living in Australia deal with cross-border issues in both family and estate planning.


Ashma currently runs her own family law, estates and mediation practice in Brisbane.


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April Butt

Accredited Nutritionist


April is a Holistic Nutritionist, a Functional Health Practitioner and a Mum of two. 


She uses Nutrition as the central focus to restore health and wellbeing in her patients. April strongly believes that the mind, body, soul and our environment are strongly interconnected when it comes to our health either struggling, or thriving and believes that finding a balance between them all is our ticket to optimum health. April has a special interest in Gut health, immune disorders and restoring health for the post natal mother, and has a passion and flair for creating wholesome delicious meals

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Belinda Moore


Reiki Master (intuitive healer)

Yoga Instructor

Belinda is gifted with the ability to connect to the spirit world, opening a gateway to connect you to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones.

Working with Spirit as an intuitive medium, she offers many different types of readings to connect people to their soul's purpose helping them to gain clarity around a life situation or to offer comfort and confirmation that their loved ones who have crossed over are at peace and still around them.

As part of every healing session, Belinda connects to spirit to facilitate what tools and insight is required for that moment at the time of your appointment. She often works with Mothers to help our newly evolved children adjust to this lifetime.

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Laura Kennedy

RYT 200 + Prenatal

Yoga Alliance Certified

As a mum to a lively toddler, Laura understands the journey parents go through and has found Yoga to be such a supportive tool in reminding us to connect in with who we really are and how we want to experience our lives.


Laura loves teaching both Vinyasa and Yin classes with the knowledge to support Pre & Postnatal women in both of these styles. She hopes to welcome you to a virtual class, or to a local class in Wynnum/Manly soon.

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Vicki Evans

BHSc (Psych & Health Promotion)
PG Cert Public Health

Certified Coach

Vicki specialises in helping people find lasting relief from chronic stress and overwhelm.


Vicki is on a mission to say no to hustle culture, and support people to prioritise themselves and their wellbeing so they can live intentionally. Vicki works with clients through one to one life coaching, leadership and resilience coaching, and her Purpose-Driven Productivity online course.


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Rachel Lloyd

Qualified Personal Trainer

Safe Return to exercise accredited 

Body Beyond Baby Affiliate 

Fitness Australia member

Advanced Postnatal Wellbeing Practitioner (completion in June)

Rachel specialises in helping women return to exercise safely and effectively after having a child, which can range from weeks to years postnatal she is also Mum to a 4 year old daughter.


When becoming a mum, Rachel realised there was little awareness on the subject of postnatal exercise, so she made it her mission to educate women so they can make informed choices for their own body from pregnancy and  beyond.

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Abby Rosamond

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant
Member of IICT

Abby is a Brisbane based Baby Sleep Consultant working with families from Newborn to Four Years. She has two preschoolers and a newborn.

Abby deeply understands how a lack of sleep can derail your confidence as a parent and how that can go on to affect every aspect of your life. Having been there herself with her first child, she made it her mission to help other parents who struggled as she did. Abby's approach is scientifically based with a personal approach, she believes there's no one size fits all solution so focuses on understanding the temperament of the child and family to achieve their set goals.

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Judith Yeabsley

MA (Cantab.)

Qualified Nutritional Therapist

Certified Advanced Child and

Brain Nutritional Advisor

Currently working towards a Masters in Psychology

Judith is mum to two boys and is the author of Creating Confident Eaters and Winner Winner I Eat Dinner. Her dream is that every child is able to approach food from a place of safety and joy, not fear.

She delights in showing parents how to get picky eaters eating in simple, gentle, practical steps that anyone can master. She graduated from Cambridge University and has internationally certified qualifications in picky eating. She is also schooled in nutrition, parent education and is a trained telephone support worker for ParentHelpline. Judith is currently doing post graduate studies in Psychology as she would love to understand more of the “why” behind fussy eating and spearhead research in this area.

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Carla Zietsman


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Carla Zietsman, otherwise known as The OT Guru, is a qualified occupational therapist with a keen interest in working with children.


When it comes to sensory processing, she is the “go to” expert. She prides herself in helping families overcome barriers and guiding children to reach their full potential.

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Renee Johnston

Diploma Health Science (Beauty/Massage)

Dip Business Management

Renee is an Australian artist and mother of two living in the beautiful bayside suburb of Manly, Queensland.

Her work is an exploration of numerous delicate acrylic pours using colour to provoke emotion. Renee's artwork is often a reflection of what is happening in and around her at that time and is guided by her mood.  Renee is not solely limited to one technique or medium and is the creator of the beautiful marble design features enriching featured in the images on this site. She is ready to create you an equally beautiful bespoke piece to order, which will enliven any wall. 

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Annalee Beckman

BA (History/Dance)

Photography Extraordinaire

Annalee is a Brisbane based Portrait Photographer, Dance Instructor, Single Mum of 2, American Expat, and Lover of all things Creative.


She is very excited to collaborate with Parent Like You and through her imagery and storytelling she hopes to help connect, inspire, and empower parents worldwide. Annalee’s background in the Liberal and Performing Arts, alongside her work in the travel industry, provides her with a unique, fresh, and creative perspective for her photography. She specialises in Personal Branding, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Dance photography.

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Tina White is a Mum of three beautiful girls (two of whom are twins), she lives in Auckland, New Zealand.


When she's not at home with her family, her favourite places to visit are the forest, the bush and the beach. Tina is extremely passionate about the health of the Earth and feels a sense of duty to ensure that the environment is healthy for all that share it. She is always searching for new ways to care for the environment and reduce her family's impact on it. Her dream is for her children to grow up with a deep understanding of how their choices and actions can positively affect our environment.


Courtney Abdale-Vague is a teacher and proud mum of a newborn baby boy.

As a teacher with experience working with children with special needs and severe learning and behavioural challenges, Courtney has always kept values at the forefront of her practice.


Naturally, when preparing for parenthood she felt a connection with the book 'Values Guided Parenting'. Courtney and her husband, Ryan, are using 'Values Guided Parenting' to help navigate their shared parenting journey. Each month Courtney is sharing her experiences of becoming a Values Guided Parent.


Renee Johnston is an Australian artist and mother of two, living in the beautiful bayside suburb of Manly, Queensland.

Her work is an exploration of numerous delicate acrylic pours using colour to provoke emotion. Renee loves nothing more than creating art with her children. She enjoys involving them in the artistic process and delights in seeing the joy in their faces as they create their own masterpieces.  Her dream is for her children to grow up with a strong sense of self, determination, love and consideration for others.

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Hannah Green is a busy mamma to four energetic boys, raising them alongside her husband Simon in sunny Marlborough, New Zealand. 


'Team Green’ as they are known locally are a blended family, but take it all in their stride treating each of them the same.

With each new addition to the blended family the same question was asked “I bet you were hoping for a girl?” But, in fact, Hannah was always happy to have the extra testosterone racing about the house because she loves raising sons! She enjoys being involved in everything her little men do from sport, school activities, to making forts and teaching them how to bake. Hannah's mission is to raise a team of gentlemen, “I want their future partners to appreciate how they were raised, that would be one of my greatest achievements”.


Kristina Conley is a Brisbane-based travel enthusiast and Mum to her 4-year-old daughter. She has combined her passion for travel with her knowledge of parenting to found 'Keeping Kids Busy'. Where she sells age-appropriate activity bags packed full of crafts, books, games and puzzles designed to keep kids busy anywhere.

Kristina spent her 20’s travelling the world and when she became a mum at 30 she still wanted to travel and share her passion with her daughter. They moved across the world from the UK to Australia when her daughter was 2 and has experienced many long haul flights since. 

During this time Kristina spent hours searching online and in-store finding the right type of activities to keep kids busy on the plane, this research led to the creation of her business 'Keeping Kids Busy'


Kristina will be sharing all her tips with travelling long haul with kids on the plane, road trips, finding the right family-friendly destinations and hotels across the world. 

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Danielle Rose, when not writing, can be found wrangling her league of two girl superheroes-in-training, a Goldendoodle prone to separation anxiety, and helping to save the world one client at a time as a Rehabilitation Counsellor.

Following years of living a ‘tick the boxes’ life, the rug was pulled out from under her when her marriage broke down. What ensued can quite simply only be described as a series of “this wasn’t in the brochure” moments.

So as she continues of her own journey of self-discovery, she has decided to take matters into her own hands and write a new style of brochure for all the others out there. One that is kind of a guide to life, love and parenting which is not sugar-coated.

Her aim is to help other parents by providing a real and raw approach to navigating this crazy, messy thing called life.

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Madonna Bechaz Madonna lives on Gold Coast with her husband and two sons. When she isn't blogging she is spending time with her family and enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast.


Madonna started her blog 'Budget Mum' when she was on maternity leave with her first son.  She was looking for tips and hints on how to save money (and extend her maternity leave). Since she couldn't find many blogs based in Australia, she decided to make her own blog about saving money, making money, money-saving recipes & loving your budget. Four years later 'Budget Mum' is still going strong. Madonna has joined the Parent Like You team so she can she share her fantastic money-saving tips with our community.

"Learn how to save money on 'the boring' so you can spend on 'the fun'."

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Sarah Do is a passionate Mummy of two beautiful little girls who resides in the inner South Brisbane.


She parents with the goal of raising independent, loyal and emotionally intelligent girls. An introspective writer, she draws from her life experiences of travel, work, hardships, athleticism and being the daughter of mental health workers. But it’s not all serious -  backyard sing-offs, dance parties and a lot of humble pie makes Sarah a relatable Mummy and a warm-hearted writer.


Michelle Lomas is a content marketing specialist who recently launched her own small business.  

Michelle has 15 years’ experience working in content and digital marketing.


She has worked in senior positions in publishing houses in both New York and Sydney.  But after the birth of her son, she realised her high-powered busy life needed to change. She is now on a journey of transformation, building her own business and finding a better balance for her and her family.  She is passionate in sharing her journey with others to help them find the support to transition into motherhood their way, and to know they are not alone. 

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Sarah O’Connor is from Auckland New Zealand but has settled in Brisbane’s Bayside with her husband and daughter for the past 15 years. 


Sarah created her business 'Bathe Therapy' through the love of making her own natural plant-based skincare and beauty products, a love of essential oils, and the desire help others create self-care rituals. She is a believer of natural holistic healing and places high importance on practising self-care especially since becoming a mum. When Sarah’s not working creating her products in her home workshop, she’s learning about and practising her other interests of Astrology, Meditation, Herbal remedies & Crystals, walking her much loved Kelpie cross Penny and of course being a Mum! 


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Shannon Saunders is a new mum in a co-parenting relationship with one of her best mates. She has one niece and two nephews but is affectionately known as Aunty Shanny to many. 


Prior to becoming a pharmacist 15 years ago, Shannon taught children and adults to swim. She has recently returned to New Zealand after living in the Cook Islands for almost a decade. Her love for the water is exceeded only by the absolute pleasure of connecting people together (and maybe chocolate). You can follow her on Facebook All & Sundry Collective Solutions.

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Marie Siddle is an expat originally from the UK and has been living and working in Australia for over 12 years.


She is Mum to two little girls who give her much joy, happiness and also drive her a little bit crazy.  Marie gives an honest account of motherhood with all of its highs and lows and speaks candidly about her experiences of parenting life.