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Hi, I'm Kirsty Foster, experienced Family Coach and also qualified and experienced early childhood teacher, primary school teacher, Montessori teacher and RIE/Pikler educator.

I'm also Mum to three amazing boys aged 5, 10 and 13.

I have over 18 years of experience working with parents and families to overcome parenting challenges and I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with your family too!

I specialise in making personalised resources, that children love, to help them feel excited about the changes they are going through.

I pride myself on providing positive and empowering coaching to parents, to not only help them resolve their current parenting challenge, but also support them to feel more confident and capable in their parenting for the long term.

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  • tantrums/big emotions

  • hitting/hurting/biting/fighting

  • breaking habits (such as thumb sucking, using dummies)

  • anxiety related challenges

  • talking back/being disrespectful/lying

  • screaming/shouting/swearing

  • not listening/non-compliance

  • bedtime battles

  • separation anxiety

  • going through big life changes (such as parent separation)

  • transition to a new childcare/school


Playful Child


We are so thankful to Kirsty for her advice and encouragement. Kirsty provided relevant, practical strategies in a way that was warm and non-judgemental. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things related to child development and learning, and her passion for what she does is obvious in her enthusiasm and genuine empathy. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

Cute Toddler


Kirsty, you are such a ray of sunshine, always so positive, and reassuring us that we can get through the tough times!

You came into our lives, with your smiling eyes and positive energy, listening and empathising with us about what we were experiencing.

Providing us with an action plan, time frames, and tools needed to address the challenging behaviour with our toddler.

Hands Holding Balloons


Kirsty developed a great plan including an awesome story book & coping techniques for our 4 year old who was struggling with a fear of balloons which was causing anxiety at birthday parties etc This package & the follow up has been priceless, thanks so much

Girl Lying Down


After over a year of trying to deal with our daughters bedtime issues, we reached out to Kirsty for help. In under a month we saw a complete turnaround and couldn’t be happier.

I have been incredibly impressed and grateful with Kirsty’s advice and support, and we will definitely turn to her again when we need to.

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  • Family Values session

  • Personalised resolution plan

  • Personalised resources (valued at over $80)

  • Family coaching session

  • 30 days of follow up support

  • Overcome your challenge!

  • Feel empowered to Parent Like You

get parenting help

what's included in the package?

Phone/Zoom conversation for Kirsty to understand the challenge, your unique parenting style/values and for you to learn how Kirsty can support you. 

Next Kirsty will guide you through a process of uncovering your own set of family values - these will create the framework of your challenge resolution.

On a Video Call

family values session

Kirsty will use her knowledge skills and experience to analyse your challenge and develop a personalised 'challenge resolution plan' to help your family overcome your challenge.


personalised plan created

Personalised resources are fundamental to the on-going success of the challenge resolution.  Kirsty will create individualised and empowering resources especially for your family and have them delivered  to your door!


personalised resources made

When your resources arrive, you'll jump on another zoom/phone session with Kirsty as she talks you through your 'challenge resolution plan', coaches you through the action points and explains how to utilise the resources.

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family coaching session

Next you'll be empowered to implement your challenge resolution plan! You'll get unlimited email correspondence/text messages with Kirsty for 30 days after your family coaching session - to support you on your journey to overcoming your challenge.


follow up support

NB: $449 package is for one challenge. Additional charges MAY apply for multiple challenges and/or children if more personalised resources need to be created.

Clients may pay in full, or over two payments - one at the commencement of the package and one upon completion.

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