10 Books to Teach Children About Diversity and Inclusion

Updated: Mar 30

We all want to raise our children to be respectful and kind individuals. And it’s never too early to start. A study from the 2000s showed that infants as early as 6 months start to categorise people by colour.  And as early as three years, children are starting to show bias towards colour and gender.  

For parents, talking to children about inclusive behaviour can be complicated. Books are a fantastic way to start - introducing little ones to the concept of diversity and normalising those differences. Luckily there are many books available that talk to diversity - from race, religion, even different households. Here are a few to get you started.  

1. I’m Australian Too, By Mem Fox

Australian children’s author Mem Fox is known for her children’s books that encourage respectful relationships and promote equality. I’m Australian Too is a wonderful book that celebrates Australia’s multi-cultural heritage. Highlighting all the different places where Australian’s originate – from China, Greece, Afghanistan and everywhere in between. The book ends with a lovely message around welcoming all cultures to our beautiful country.

2. Welcome to Country, By Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin and Lisa Kennedy

Welcome to Country depicts a traditional Aboriginal ceremony, brought to life in beautiful, soulful and earthy illustrations. Aunty Joy Wandin Murphy is a respected senior Wurundjeri elder of the Kulin alliance. She has created an accessible book that introduces young readers to the customs and symbols of Indigenous Australia.