10 Christmas Tradition Ideas - for wonderful family memories

It's the most wonderful time of the year... well it is for me at least, yes I am a Christmas enthusiast. I am a lover of all things Christmas (well okay not the Christmas debt). I think it's because I am a teacher that I get so excited about the craft, the fun, and most importantly the family traditions!

For me it's not so much about presents on Christmas day itself but the lead up to Christmas and all of the special things we do together as a family that I get excited about. I'm very lucky because I grew up in a family that also valued Christmas traditions so when I became a mum, thinking of ideas for my own family came naturally to me.

But perhaps you didn't? Maybe you are wanting to start some Christmas traditions with your family but are struggling for ideas? This article is for you!

I've put together a list of 10 Christmas tradition ideas, some of them are from my own family and others were shared with me by Parent Like You readers. Hopefully you find some ideas that are a good fit for your family.

1. Christmas stockings/sack - when I surveyed our Parent Like You readers many of them shared this Christmas ritual as being their most memorable. Waking up on Christmas morning with a stocking/sack filled with surprises was such an exciting time! It is equally special as a parent to think of fun little presents to fill the kids' stockings with.

2. Advent calendar - It's so fun doing a countdown until Christmas and advent calendars were designed specifically for this. If you're not so keen on your children starting each day with a chocolate then you can get some Christmas stationery calendars these days too - I got mine at Kmart. An alternative advent calendar idea is to create a Christmas kindness calendar, where you do kind things for people in your community each day leading up to Christmas.