Breakfasts for picky eaters – the basics

As a Picky Eating Advisor, I love talking food with parents of fussy eaters and looking for ways we can make food more appealing. However, I always start lists like these with words of caution.

Yes, the food is important, but it is not about finding the magical recipe that enables our child to finally eat new foods. A more effective approach is gently and gradually building comfort around the foods we would like our child to eat.

It is also critically important that we do vary what’s on the menu – even if it’s only a teeny, tiny change. If our child eats the same things in the same way every day, it becomes harder and harder to add new things.

So, let’s look at some breakfast ideas but also ways we could start making those little changes even if our child is not ready to accept anything new yet.


Many fussy eaters are comfortable with cereal.

Maybe one or maybe a range. Eating with milk or yoghurt is common, but so is eating it dry.

Let’s investigate some ways that we can make small changes, we can build comfort and we can look at some new foods too!

If our child has more than one cereal that they are happy to eat, then my advice is to rotate between the two. Yes, they may prefer Cocopops to Rice Bubbles, but if they are able to eat the Rice Bubbles then is refusing them about preference and therefore behavioural?

If we have a child that is only comfortable eating one cereal then it’s important to look for other options, especially if it’s their only breakfast option. Otherwise, we can be left stranded if they get bored and drop that cereal.