Christmas Savings - How to enjoy Christmas without going into debt

Updated: Mar 30

2020 has been a bit crazy for most people, and for some people this year has seen a slight or a significant loss of income. And with Christmas comes a lot of expenses but there are ways you can save both your finances and your sanity! Early planning is key to making sure that you keep within your budget on Christmas Day! Save on Christmas Day with these simple tips.

Saving on presents – by now you have probably done (or started) your shopping but nothing is better than a home made Christmas present – a simple homemade fudge or chocolate balls shows love and thanks with a small price to pay. Made with love is the easiest way to spread cheer for cheap at Christmas! But don’t forget to check out places life FB marketplace for cheap gifts – often brand new in packaging. Its also a great time to list some unwanted items and make some cash!

Put the children to work – get creative making table decorations, bon bons, wrapping paper and cards. There are so many things that can be made for A LOT cheaper and with school holidays commencing it is the time to get the kids busy crafting up a storm! Both cute and more importantly frugal!

Plan your meal and start shopping early! If you have to have ham on your Christmas Table, shop around and start now. Shops will be starting to have sales now to get your business, start comparing to save. Many items can be bought in advance and either stored in the fridge, freezer and pantry and create your own Christmas hamper. Many items (even dips and cheeses) have a long enough best before date that you can start now and spread the costs! But don’t feel like you HAVE TO HAVE a traditional spread of lots of meats and seafood. The option of a non traditional Christmas meal can be a great saver, even if its only for this year!