Diary of a Pregnant Mum (Second Trimester)

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The middle of pregnancy. The awkward stage of body changes (too big for normal clothing but too small for maternity clothing), the lack of sleep, baby kicks and movements, exhaustion and constant realisations of “oh crap. This is happening.” Of course, every moment is worth it. I can’t wait to meet my baby! But this is such an awkward time to prepare. It feels so early but also so late. To be honest, I feel like I have been in the second trimester forever. It’s both great and frustrating but it is allowing me to take time to prepare.

My main preparations are based around my holistic wellbeing rather than the physical materials we need. Don’t get me wrong… I am a sucker for a Jaime Kay or Cotton On sale but being prepared for labour and being mindful during my pregnancy is priority at the moment. Am I slightly worried that we don’t have a bassinet, change table, bath, pram or car seat? Sure. But I know we will get those. Once we know what we want, it won’t take us long to buy them. I have really enjoyed getting to know myself, my body and my baby these last few months and I recommend every pregnant parent does the same. 

There are so many books to help you through the type of labour you desire. For me, this is an incredibly spiritual part of my journey. I dream of a spiritual,  natural, water birth at home. That is going to take a lot of mind, body and spirit preparation and I have been using the last five months to get ready for the ninth. Yoga, meditation and affirmations are powerful tools in helping me on this journey. There are books that outline all of these for you and are broken down into each trimester. I highly recommend them! I feel super prepared. 

Apps such as 'Expectful' are amazing! It includes meditations to help you (or you and your partner) to connect with baby. There are stories from mothers about the reality of pregnancies and stories to help you sleep. It gets better though… There are guided meditations for each week of pregnancy and to prepare you for your upcoming scans! If you think you might feel anxious about attending any scans then this app is for you! On another pregnancy app, I read a horror story that happened at a twenty week scan and I was so nervous about going to mine! I listened to the meditation and prepared my mind and spirit before going in. It is definitely helping me become more resilient and focussed on myself and baby. I am confident that I am heading in the direction of being able to birth naturally and spiritually. Bring it on! 

Of course, I am not the only person that needs to prepare. My husband (Ryan) does too. We have been going through the book ‘Values Guided Parenting’ and it has been great! It has helped us get on the same page and discuss our future dreams with our family. We have had time together to plan and prepare how we see our family. I love thinking about what our children will be like and it is so exciting choosing values that will guide us to raise them in a holistic way. This has been a really important part of us getting ready for the baby. 

Using the second trimester to get yourself ready for the biggest change of your life will be totally worth it in the end. If you are more organised than I am and you have all the necessities ready for your baby then I applaud you! I don’t think there is any right or wrong way to prepare. Whatever feels natural and comfortable to you, is the way you should be preparing. Until the third trimester hits, I will be preparing my mind, body and soul for one of the most challenging moments of my life. 

Courtney is a newly married teacher with an exciting new challenge heading her way as she eagerly awaits the birth of her first child.

As a teacher with experience working with children with special needs and severe learning and behavioural challenges, Courtney has always kept values at the forefront of her practice. Naturally, when preparing for parenthood she felt a connection with the book 'Values Guided Parenting'. Courtney and her husband, Ryan, are using 'Values Guided Parenting' to help navigate their shared journey to parenthood. Each month Courtney will be sharing a summary of her preparations and experiences to becoming a Values Guided Parent.

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