Exercising Around the Busy

Updated: Mar 30

As parents one of the biggest roadblocks we have around exercising is time and it is a very valid reason. When little people come along things change and the 'busy' life has the power to take over if you let it and any exercise you may have once enjoyed, now may not feature as a priority. No matter what stage of parenthood you find yourself in, there is always something keeping you busy. From the early days forever changing nappies and feeding, to being a teenager’s chauffer. It can be non-stop. 

Exercise plays a vital role in not only our physical health but our emotional well-being too. When we exercise our brain releases endorphins which boosts our mood and with the increase of our heart rate provides us with more energy. Scheduling in some time to get moving, even if it is just for 10 minutes, will have a myriad of benefits for your body and mind resulting in a happier, healthier family.

Here are my top 10 tips to get you re-thinking your schedule to include more exercise into your day:

Playtime & exercise combo – when you plan your next visit to the park, think ahead. Wear your trainers, take the scooter or bike and jog alongside. Take a ball to play soccer or basketball, play fun games together like tag. You could even pop some resistance bands in your bag and while the kids are on the playground, do some training yourself (if your eyes are still on the kiddies of course).

Running pram – there are so many on the market ranging in price depending how much of an avid runner you are. If you start making this as part of your routine from an early age the children will be much more accustomed to it. Plan a route where there is something halfway for the children, maybe a lake where you can feed the ducks along the way. You can always have pit stops to do some strength exercises (or rest) and let the little one out of the pram for a run around before strapping them back in again.

Gym with childminding – if you can find a good one this is a fantastic way to have an hour to yourself. As much as this can cause feelings of guilt for having this time apart from your children, try to think about it in a different way - focus on the feeling you get from exercising. Your child will have a happy, motivated parent, with a clear head ready to spend some quality time together. By exercising you are being a great role model because you will be the best version of yourself.

Online memberships – with the recent outbreak of COVID many fitness businesses were forced to pivot and take their businesses online. This has been a positive step for many and has made fitness professionals develop something they may have never considered before or had the courage to do. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to online programs, think about what you would like to get from it and choose wisely, remember bigger doesn’t always mean better. Finding one with a coach that is contactable for support and advice would be a great choice. Having this personal connection is what differs from the apps, you get a real person and you would also be potentially supporting a small business.