Family Values for Happy Families

Updated: Mar 30

"Knowing your family values helps you to make those tough decisions in the moment. You can quickly analyse the situation, consider which family value is not being adhered to and confidently act in order to get things back on track. It's a game-changer!"

Parent Like You Family Coach, Kirsty Foster

Have you ever been part of an organisation that had a set of values? Maybe it was a workplace, a school, even a sports team? The person leading that organisation would have, at some point, created these with the wider group. Once they were created the leader would have referred to the values on a regular basis. You would have seen the values displayed on the wall and a lot of decision making would have been based on those values.

We are all familiar with values and how they can become an effective guide for an organisation or group. They ensure that everyone is on the same page and moving towards the same goal, whether it be to win a sporting competition, to be a successful business, or to create a positive learning environment.

Let me ask you this... how many families do you know that have a set of values for their team?

Any? Have you ever thought about why that is? My theory is that parenting is so hectic, we find ourselves in a constant state of reactive measures. We find ourselves constantly putting out fires (hopefully not literally) and rushing around putting band-aids over problems... we don't feel like there's time to stop and think or plan, we're just too busy!

The thing is, if you carved out a few hours of time over one afternoon you could have your very own set of family values drafted and on the wall. And once you have done that, you can spend the next few months slowly bringing these to life. Before long you will be parenting in a PROACTIVE manner, everyone in the family will be on the SAME PAGE and will understand your collective goals and expectations. You will discover that you have MORE TIME because you will be dealing with fewer behaviour issues and you won't be battling away putting out fires every two minutes.

YOU WILL HAVE A PLAN. It will feel liberating! You'll find that You are happier because yo