Find Your Joy! How Pursuing your Passions can Make you a Happier Parent

Updated: Mar 30

We have to to make a lot of sacrifices when we become parents. There's simply not enough time in the day to do everything we used to do 'pre-kids' as well as completing the plethora of parenting responsibilities.

Inevitably something has to go.

Often the things that bring you the most joy are the first to be crossed off the 'to do' list - they seem like luxury activities that aren't essential to the mechanics of your parenting day. This is completely understandable in those early years where sleep, eating and coffee are the only things you have time to enjoy (besides drinking in the magnificence of the human you created), yet as we start to come out of that 'newborn fog' many of us forget to reinstate those joyous activities. We get into the habit of putting the childrens' needs and wants ahead of our own and de-valuing our joy. Over time we get a little bit less joyous and that passionate zest for life can diminish.

It doesn't have to be this way...

You deserve to feel joy again! You do! Joy puts a smile on your face, it lightens your invisible

load, it cheers you up from the inside out and you radiate a different vibe. Your kids feel this vibe and it inspires them too.

You see, joy is NOT selfish - a happier parent has a positive impact on the whole family. In fact if you look at it from this perspective - you owe it to your children to reinstate those passions. Don't you want to role model that there's value in doing things that bring you joy?

So what are you waiting for!!