Food for the Picky Eater with Judith Yeabsley

Updated: Mar 30

Having a picky eater is exhausting and one of the big challenges can be “what do I give them to eat?”. I know parents who wake up in the morning and their first thought is about food for their child.

When it comes to food and your picky eater there are 3 suggestions that are important, wherever your child sits on the eating spectrum, these are outlined below.

3 supportive suggestions

1. Rotate rather than repeat. Having the same things each time is comforting for our child and easy for us. Over time though, they get bored and they are also developing habits that become challenging to break. Even if your child has a very limited diet it is still important and possible. For example, if morning snack was crackers, afternoon snack is something different. If Monday night dinner is pasta, then Tuesday night is not!

2. Serve, serve, serve. Seeing new food, even if it is not being eaten is really important and does pay off long-term.

3. Change is critical. Gently showing our child change helps them to accept different things and over time new things. Even if it is offering a food presented in a new way it is valuable learning.

The “how” not the “what”