For the Love of Vinegar

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

"There’s nothing more important to me than the health and happiness of my family."

Tina White (Eco-Mum)

Tina is a Mum of three beautiful girls (two of which are twins). When she's not at home with her family, her favourite places to visit are the forest, the bush and the beach. Tina is extremely passionate about the health of the Earth and feels a sense of duty to ensure that the environment is healthy for all that share it. She is always searching for new ways to care for the environment and reduce her family's impact on it. Her dream is for her children to grow up with a deep understanding of how their choices and actions can positively affect our environment.

There’s nothing more important to me than the health and happiness of my family. I’m always looking for more ways where I can use natural products around my home. Which is why I love white vinegar. Not only does it mean I give away less of my money to big corporations, I am putting less chemicals in my grey water and also reducing the amount of chemicals floating around my home, and in turn, potentially in my kids.

Vinegar for Cleaning

I have a beautiful green stainless steel spray bottle which I fill up with 3 parts water, 1 part white vinegar and use just as I would kitchen spray. I feel like my breakfast bar is safer place, especially as my three darling girls love to eat off the counter! It’s great all around the house, including cleaning off pesky fly poo on the ceiling during the summer months.

For spills on the carpet (and even mattresses for that matter), after soaking up the excess moisture I spray on my vinegar solution, soak it up with a clean cloth then sprinkle on baking soda. Leaving the baking soda to dry, I then vacuum up the soda and BOOM, success! Of course, the earlier the stain is found, the better the result.

Vinegar for Fruit and Veges

Buying organic fruit and veges would be amazing, but like lots of families it’s just not feasible for us, mainly due to the cost. So in an attempt to reduce the amount of pesticides and bacteria coming into my home, I wash my fruit and veges in vinegar solution (3 parts water, 1 part white vinegar). I’ve heard that peeling fruit and veges can also reduce the amount of pesticides we consume, but I love to eat as much of the peel as possible, for the health benefits. Although this process may take extra time on shopping day, I have confidence that when my kids reach into the fruit bowl for that juicy red apple, it’s washed and ready to eat. If there’s even a chance of reducing the amount of pesticides my kids consume, then why not?

Over the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve found some fruit and veges don’t like being pre-washed in the solution, however, for example berries and mushrooms, but the majority handle it just fine.

Vinegar for Saving Money and the Environment!

Another reason I am such a vinegar fan, is that I can refill at my local bulk store, reducing my plastic usage and at a portion of the price than a leading cleaning product at the supermarket.

In replacing as many products as I can with white vinegar, I feel that I am staying true to my values by reducing the chemical impact on my household, my kids & the environment.