Homegrown - The benefits of creating a family vegetable garden

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I’m so excited that spring is finally here.  The temperature is warming up, the flowers are in bloom and the days are becoming lighter. It’s such a great time of year and it makes me feel optimistic and motivated.

Time to get planting!  

This spring my 3 girls are super keen to grow their own veggies.  I couldn’t be happier about their interest, because it exposes them to so many interesting experiences and teaches them so many valuable lessons.

At a time when health and self-reliance is so relevant, home grown produce is a small thing we can do on the path to health and happiness.  

At a time when health and self-reliance is so relevant, home grown produce is a small thing we can do on the path to health and happiness.

I’m always encouraging the girls to eat loads of plants and the more variety the better.  What better way to back this up by growing their own!  They get to take responsibility for their own plants, watch their progress over time (or deal with their failure), and reap the rewards at harvesting time.  

The girls have started growing spinach, watermelon, sweetcorn, cucumber, basil, tomato, chives and wild flowers.  

I haven’t had a lot of success growing veggies, so the process is a learning curve for me too.  When I have successfully served up some home grown veggies on the plate, I feel a real sense of pride and accomplishment.  I can’t wait for the girls to experience this for themselves!

There’s something so amazing about being able to provide for yourself or others.

There are so many other benefits in growing veggies in your own backyard (or windowsill for that matter). 

Among them is reducing your carbon footprint, spray free produce and no plastic packaging.  

What could be better than getting little fingers in the dirt and absorbing some much needed vitamin D?

Wish us luck!

Tina is a Mum of three beautiful girls (two of whom are twins), she lives in Auckland, New Zealand. When she's not at home with her family, her favourite places to visit are the forest, the bush and the beach. Tina is extremely passionate about the health of the Earth and feels a sense of duty to ensure that the environment is healthy for all that share it. She is always searching for new ways to care for the environment and reduce her family's impact on it.

Her dream is for her children to grow up with a deep understanding of how their choices and actions can positively affect our environment.