Looking After You This Christmas

Updated: Mar 30

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!” Just one of the many songs I heard on the radio today reminding me about the fact that Christmas is around the corner.

Stereotypically, when I think of Christmas I imagine - time with family, gifts, way too much food (always), and a time of celebration.

This made me think, does everyone view Christmas in this way?

The festive season can often bring about a variety of anxiety-provoking situations such as financial pressures, feeling the need to meet expectations of family members (leading to potential conflict), and sometimes a sense of loneliness and isolation.

Yes, it is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, but it’s important to acknowledge that it isn’t always. I find since being a mum, the pressure is even higher at Christmas time to make sure everything is perfect.

I usually wear several hats - the chef, the mediator, the gift wrapper, and essentially Santa Claus!

I have developed a series of strategies that really help me during the festive season and I thought I would sha