Saving at the Supermarket

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Groceries seem to be the pain point for many family budgets.  It’s something that can get out of hand so easily! Fussy eaters, nappies, allergies just to name a few and soon your budget is blown, so I have put together a couple of ideas to help get it back on track!

Don’t be afraid to shop online

It may sound contradictory BUT online is great for sticking to a budget.  Shopping online offers you the ability to check your pantry (again) to double check stock levels.  The ability to NOT impulse buy, because you’re hungry or because you’re not sure of a recipe etc.  Online also gives you the option to put stuff back – your not holding anyone up, no one is judging you.  You can swap and put things back until your budget perfect.  I always suggest online until your more confident that you can fearlessly stick to budget in store.

Shop the top and the bottom of the shelves

The items at eye height are often the most expensive – it is prime real estate.  So only the big brands are front and centre, take the time too look around.  Don’t be shy to try different brands, especially generic.  You will be pleasantly surprised! There are a couple of items you may chose not to buy again but the key is to buy a couple different brand each week.  For years I wouldn’t buy cheaper brands of personal hygiene items but now I am a total convert to Coles brand razors.

Meal plan before you shop

Meal planning before you leave is a easy way to ensure you have everything and don’t need to go back to the shops.  It stops you buying extra but it also stops extra visits to the supermarket.  I find the “top up” shops are the killer our budget.  So I stay out of the shops, I find if I spend slightly more on bread it freezes better and so I don’t need to go back to the shops. It cost more initially but it saves me a lot more because I don’t impulse buy when I go back to the shops for more bread.

Shop your pantry

Take a good look at what you have got before you buy extra.  Meal plan with what you have first. In Australia the contents of one in five shopping bags ends up in the rubbish – so we are literally throwing food and money in the bin.  Keeping inventory or having a good look through your fridge, pantry and freezer before you hit the shops is a great way to keep on top of what you already have and to use things up before they expire!

I hope you can use one or two of these ideas to keep your food bill down and your budget in tact!

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