Self-Care for the Body

Updated: Mar 30

Spring has well and truly arrived, and we are embracing the warmth of it’s days and new growth of nature. The nasturtiums have flourished wildly in my backyard and the lemon blossoms are promising of another good yield in the year to come. This brings me to share with you one of the beautiful ways to celebrate springtime, the time of new beginnings and letting go of the old. 

A springtime flower bath for children that my daughter absolutely loves!

Use the following ingredients and items:

  • ¼ cup of bath salts (Himalayan, Epsom and Dead Sea Salts preferably)

  • 2-3 drops of high-quality Lavender essential oil mixed with 1TBS of a carrier oil such as coconut oil, apricot kernel, safflower or even olive oil is good. 

  • 5 nasturtiums & 5 daisy’s or other flowers which are non-toxic such as roses. 

  • 1 polished rose quartz crystal (this is a water safe crystal) but if your child is younger perhaps keep it out of their reach. 

Directions: Run a warm bath adding the bath salt to dissolve into the water, add the essential oils mixed with the carrier oil, and finally decorate the bath with the flowers and place the rose quartz in the bath water. 

During the bath, we tried a little meditation and stillness practice. Talking about the flowers and how they flower in spring, starting their new cycle of life. It was a really nice way to connect and enjoy some peaceful time together. 

And a springtime bathing ritual for you! 

Use the following ingredients and Items: 

  • ½ a cup of Bath salts (Himalayan, Epsom and Dead Sea Salts preferably)

  • Up to 8 drops of high-quality essential oils mixed with 1 TBS of carrier oil such as coconut oil, Apricot Kernel, safflower or even olive oil is good. A nice blend for this would be 3 drops of Grapefruit which is detoxing & mental clarity, 3 drops of Bergamot for its uplifting and fresh aroma and mental clarity and 2 drops of Frankincense to align you with higher consciousness, mental clarity and grounding qualities. 

  • 10 fresh or dried non-toxic flowers

  • A sage wand or sage spray to cleanse and clear your space

  • A polished clear quartz crystal 

  • A candle

  • Relaxing music or meditation

  • A Glass of water 

Start by becoming present, breath a calm slow breath in, and out. Know there is nowhere else you need to be right at this moment. 

Cleanse your space, and yourself of negative energy by burning Sage, Mugwort, Palo Santo or misting a smokeless cleansing spray. Hold the intention in your mind of releasing all negative energy held in the space, and within your energy body, mental body and physical body. 

Run a warm bath and light a candle in a safe place, play relaxing music or a meditation. Add bath salts to your bathtub and mix gently, add any essential oil blends mixed with a carrier oil, water-safe crystals or non-toxic botanicals you are currently working with, flowers like Nasturtiums, Roses, Daisy’s, Geraniums, Lavender and Chamomile are all good options.

Enter the bath carefully, placing a towel behind your head and take a slow deep breath and relax your body. Closing your eyes, try to keep your mind free of thoughts allowing yourself to drift along with the music or meditation. If thoughts keep popping up, acknowledge them, and watch them float by like a cloud. 

This can be  a perfect time to release any old behaviour patterns that are no longer in alignment with you, it’s a time for new beginnings after all!

Bath for at least 20 minutes and sip a glass of water to keep hydrated throughout your bath. Lightly dry your skin and allow the oils to soak into your skin. Follow with a moisturising oil, or body butter. 

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Sarah O’Connor is from Auckland New Zealand but has settled in Brisbane’s Bayside with her husband and daughter for the past 15 years.  Sarah created her business 'Bathe Therapy' through the love of making her own natural plant-based skincare and beauty products, a love of essential oils, and the desire help others create self-care rituals. She is a believer of natural holistic healing and places high importance on practising self-care especially since becoming a mum. When Sarah’s not working creating her products in her home workshop, she’s learning about and practising her other interests of Astrology, Meditation, Herbal remedies & Crystals, walking her much loved Kelpie cross Penny and of course being a Mum!  Learn more at: