Self-Care for the Mind

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

How many times do you walk in the door and feel like running out again? How do our little loves create such a mess? Having a cluttered mind can exaggerate feelings of stress and anxiety, living with young children causes clutter most of the time…  and it can be hard to stay on top of it all. For this reason, I found that having a form of mental escapism was important, a way to detach from the overwhelming pile of Lego blocks at the front door! My way is to retreat to a sacred space I’ve created with items I love, that make me feel peaceful and relaxed, it’s a space that is just for me.

Your sacred space can be any size, depending on how much space you have available. Try transforming a cabinet top to an ambient peaceful space with a salt lamp, succulent, and your favourite inspirational quote or perhaps a shelf with an essential oil diffuser, your favourite calming crystal and a calming affirmation. Maybe you have some space in a spare room or corner of your bedroom for a beautiful piece of artwork, an incense burner, a cushion, some magazines and an indoor plant. 

Wherever your little space is, It’s about creating an inviting tranquil place just for you!

I start my day in my sacred space, which is set up on the top of my dresser, turn on my salt lamp, and draw an oracle card for my daily message, select my crystals for the day and cleanse my energy body with an Energy Cleansing Mist. This helps clear any negative vibes from your energy body because it’s a smokeless way to cleanse you and your space it’s a good option to use around children. 

I revisit my space throughout the day if I need to gather my thoughts, gain inspiration or just catch a little break and BREATH. 

The purpose of having a sacred space in your home can be as simple as reminding you to take time for serenity each day. So when the Barbies are everywhere and there’s a Lego mountain in your living room, at least you have a little piece of tranquillity whenever you need it. 

If you’d like to learn more about my Energy Cleansing Mist, click the link.

Sarah x

Sarah O’Connor is from Auckland New Zealand but has settled in Brisbane’s Bayside with her husband and daughter for the past 15 years. 

Sarah created her business 'Bathe Therapy' through the love of making her own natural plant-based skincare and beauty products, a love of essential oils, and the desire help others create self-care rituals. She is a believer of natural holistic healing and places high importance on practising self-care especially since becoming a mum. When Sarah’s not working creating her products in her home workshop, she’s learning about and practising her other interests of Astrology, Meditation, Herbal remedies & Crystals, walking her much loved Kelpie cross Penny and of course being a Mum! 

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