Self-Care for the Soul

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

When we think of self-care, looking after our physical body and our mental wellness comes to mind, but do we do enough nurturing of the deep inner essence of our being? Self-care for our soul is just as important as caring for the rest of us. Forming a connection with your soul, and understanding your deep needs, and desires can be as simple as practicing a meditation. We often are convinced that we know what we want, right? We know what makes us happy, what our priorities are and what drives us. But what if our desires were much simpler, and less about what society deems to be successful and what should make you happy. When we give ourselves the opportunity to really slow down, and stop rushing through our day, on to the next thing, ticking off that never ending to-do list… and start to find joy in the simple things in everyday life, we are able to feel true happiness and find time to ask our soul, what really fills up my cup of happiness?

When we tune out the physical world around us and tune into what’s going on within us, we are able to develop a connection to our soul, an inner knowing of our true selves. This can take some time to do, after all, good things do take time. Practicing meditation is a good way to form this connection and there are a few different styles you can do, so find what works for you and go with that.  

One method is finding a quiet space, inside or outside where you won’t be disturbed for just a few minutes, sitting comfortably or laying down – again do what works for you. You can light incense which is a traditional spiritual way of starting a ceremonial practice or use a grounding essential oil blend, these can bring about a sense of peace before you start. You should always protect yourself energetically before commencing a meditation, and this can be as easy as visualising a pure white sphere of light around your body, protecting you from any unwanted energies during your meditation. You can take further steps such as a protection prayer to Archangel Michael (just google to find this) and having protective crystals such as black tourmaline or labradorite on your physical body. Hands can be in a prayer position against your heart centre or however you feel comfortable.

Take a few slow deep breaths in… and out… and focus on your breath to centre yourself. Feel your body relax and gently close your eyes. When you are ready, in your mind or out loud you can ask to connect to your soul or higher-self and for any messages to come through that will help you at this time. Be in stillness for a few minutes and just allow for anything to come through into your awareness such as images, colours or words. Just go along with wherever the meditation takes you and afterwards you can write down notes, don’t worry about forgetting too much, the messages that stick are the ones that are most important for you at this time. You might like guidance on a specific question, so you can ask this before you start or write it down and hold it while you meditate. You might just find you get the answer you need. 

I leave you with a quote that sits in my workspace, 

“Success is not the key to happiness

Happiness is the key to success

If you love what you are doing 

You will be successful”

(Albert Schweitzer

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Sarah O’Connor is from Auckland New Zealand but has settled in Brisbane’s Bayside with her husband and daughter for the past 15 years. 

Sarah created her business 'Bathe Therapy' through the love of making her own natural plant-based skincare and beauty products, a love of essential oils, and the desire help others create self-care rituals. She is a believer of natural holistic healing and places high importance on practising self-care especially since becoming a mum. When Sarah’s not working creating her products in her home workshop, she’s learning about and practising her other interests of Astrology, Meditation, Herbal remedies & Crystals, walking her much loved Kelpie cross Penny and of course being a Mum! 

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