The Benefits of Cooking WITH the Kids

Updated: Mar 30

I am a HUGE proponent of kids cooking. It is super positive on so many levels. My boys have been cooking with me from very early on. By 7 years, Joe was able to put a full roast chicken dinner on the table, with minimal supervision.

Has this always been an easy, organic and fluffy process? Absolutely not! I will the first to admit there have been many times when I was a jibbering wreck after a particularly rough afternoon cooking with the boys. Where the kitchen looked like a flour burglary had taken place, dishes were not even close to what was planned, and we had a cross, shouty mum and sulky children!

The Great News

The upsides now are worth all the drama, the time and the energy. We have had a deal for years where the boys do all dinners during school holidays. This is fabulous for me as it enables me to work, and yet spend time with them. It also gives me a break from the grind of endless meals to prepare.

Why Cook with Kids?

There are so many reasons why cooking with children is important:

1. It fosters independence. Being able to master new skills is really empowering for children. It also enables them to prepare more and more things without us.

2. Maths. Counting, dividing, fractions, adding, subtracting, doubling, halving, weighing, timing and measuring. What’s not to love?

3. Science. There are so many lessons in cooking. Everything from dough rising to what happens when you heat or cool a mixture or food.

4. Pride. This is a great feeling for anyone. Producing something that you feel is great gives enormous satisfaction.