Community in the Bayside - Featuring 'The Small Crop'

Updated: Mar 30

With Annalee Beckman

As an expat single mother of two young children, community is everything to me.  With the absence of physical family support and after going through separation in 2019 while also facing homelessness, I was reminded of the importance of community and the power of the THREE C’s- connection, conversation, and coffee. 

The Small Crop in Wynnum, QLD is one of those very unique businesses which truly embodies the spirit of community.  The owners of The Small Crop, Toby and Kate Birtwhistle are such unique small business owners; they truly take the time to listen and make it a point of getting to know their clientele.  I always feel welcomed and know that I will be treated as an individual and cared for in the most beautiful way.  In fact, every single individual working at The Small Crop is like family and it always feels like I am walking onto an episode of Cheers, but instead of ordering a beer I am ordering a coffee and a delicious, healthy salad whilst engaging in great conversation!  

The Small Crop in Wynnum, QLD is one of those very unique businesses which truly embodies the spirit of community

Our local businesses are so vital to our daily lives and routines and it is during tragedy and upheaval that we are often reminded of the simple pleasures of life and the power of connection.  During COVID 19 The Small Crop continued to support the community by quickly adapting and offered healthy, ready-made meals at a very affordable price point.  They also reached out to other local businesses to offer their support and of course took the time to listen to their customers during such challenging times.  

The Small Crop offers an incredible selection of salads, hand-made baked items, savoury pies, frittatas, coffee, cheeses, and preserves.  The focus is on quality, locally sourced, fresh and seasonal.  They also have options for gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian and offer corporate and event catering along with cakes made to order.    

The Small Crop hosts a gorgeous Market Day on Wednesdays and the fruit and vegetables supplied by Sandy Creek Gourmet Produce are from a variety of farms and are the highest quality.  This weekly market is something my children and I look forward to every Wednesday morning, just before school drop off.  They love getting their croissants and enjoy picking nutritious, quality fruit and veg while I sip on a delicious flat white.  Of course, I always look forward to seeing the same people and it truly feels like a place of community and love. 

You can also submit your fruit and veg orders to Sandy Creek at the beginning of the week  and they offer the option for pick-up or delivery. 

Inside The Small Crop you will also find a gorgeous range of artisanal breads and croissants from Brasserie Bread.