Travelling With Kids - Allergy Edition

Updated: Mar 30

If you have a child that has allergies, you know how stressful it is! Eating out at restaurants can be a nightmare (milk seems to be in everything), parties and playdates can be awkward and travelling long haul on a plane is definitely up there on the anxiety list.

When we emigrated to Australia from the UK my daughter was 2 and had a dairy and egg allergy. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to order her a special meal – I was wrong. They had no option online suitable, despite me also calling customer service to see if they accommodate her allergies. I was told to bring my own food. For a 26 hour flight this was going to be a challenge – my daughter loves eating more than anything in the whole world – food is life!

I think most of our carry-on luggage was stuffed with pre-packaged croissants (milk free), packets of raisins, vegan biscuits and any other 2 year old friendly snack that she could safely eat. Plus all the other million things you need when you travel long haul with a toddler.

We still ordered the kids meal in the hope that there would be suitable options, I ordered a normal meal and my husband selected vegan (he isn’t vegan but we needed options!).

When the kids meal came around it was spaghetti bolognese, I asked the flight attendant for a list of the ingredients to check and she couldn’t provide me with one. The extras on the tray was a carton of flavoured milk, a mini chocolate and a bread roll with butter. Basically she couldn’t eat anything on the tray – try explaining that to a hungry 2 year old. 

Luckily when my husband’s vegan meal came, he was given a vegan curry and some fruit and crackers so she could eat most of that – phew!

The main meal ordeal was out the way but it got worse. Breakfast offerings for both adults and children was scrambled eggs or omelette – you had to be kidding me! Luckily the vegan meal saved the day again with fresh fruit.