Turning the Mundane into Magical

Updated: Mar 30

My bathroom has become my sanctuary lately, like a little hideaway where I pay attention to me without being interrupted.

Now our bathroom is not that magical I have to say, but with a few little additions, the feeling of the space can be transformed and go from taking a mundane shower to magical experience every day!

What started off as a Saturday morning treat for me, has now turned into a regular way to start my day.

With the lights off light a candle, or more if you have them. Placing them in a corner will reflect the light off both walls creating more ambiance and light.

Bring in a portable speaker (placing away from the water) and select music that is peaceful and takes you away to another place, something like rainforest sounds or nature sounds is good, one of my favourite songs for my morning shower is Suzanne Teng’s “September’s Angels”.

You can add water safe crystals to your space if you like, I always have rose quartz and amethyst in my bathroom to bring in the energy of love and calm.

Once you’re in the shower use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin like our Grapefruit and Lemongrass body scrub. It’s a detoxing Himalayan salt scrub with an uplifting aroma, perfect for the morning and washing with a beautifully scented body wash or soap is another way of enlivening your scenes and really appreciating that moment you are in.

As you are in a place of peace & calm it’s a beautiful time to say a morning prayer or set your intentions for the day, I find this really effective for when I have a busy day ahead, this way I have started off in a calm and centred space which I find carries through the day.