Using Nature to Reset those 'Tough Days'

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

"It’s amazing how the connection with nature can reset the mind and body."

Tina White (Eco-Mum)

Some days are more challenging than others, and on those tough days I love to take the kids out of the house to connect with nature.  Whether that’s playing barefoot cricket in the backyard, a bike trip to the local stream, a scavenger hunt in the forest, or dipping our toes in the ocean, we all come back feeling better for it.  It’s amazing how the connection with nature can reset the mind and body.

We are lucky enough to live a short drive from a pine forest, where the kids’ favourite thing to do is a scavenger hunt.  We draw up a list of things for them to find, like something heavy, something green, a particular type of bird, an insect.  They love to tick off their finding list and feel a sense of achievement when they’ve found all the objects.  

While the kids are busy searching, they are also taking in the whole experience of the forest.  The smell of pine, the sound of the wind in the trees, kicking red and white mushrooms in the pine needles and tearing up and down the mountain bike jumps.

Another fun activity we love to do is building huts from branches and fern fronds.  The kids can spend hours building and playing imaginative games inside their huts.  I must admit though, sometimes I get bored after a while.  I must remember to pack my book next time!

Kids in the forest

I love giving my kids the opportunity to make their own fun within their surroundings and to use their imagination and creativity to play.  

Adventure is always waiting around the next corner...

Tina is a Mum of three beautiful girls (two of whom are twins), she lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

When she's not at home with her family, her favourite places to visit are the forest, the bush and the beach. Tina is extremely passionate about the health of the Earth and feels a sense of duty to ensure that the environment is healthy for all that share it. She is always searching for new ways to care for the environment and reduce her family's impact on it. Her dream is for her children to grow up with a deep understanding of how their choices and actions can positively affect our environment.