Values Guided Parenting - with a newborn

Updated: Mar 30

Raising a newborn can be tough. Along with the ups and downs of new parenthood, you are given a whole lot of advice from family, friends, professionals and maybe even a stranger (or two) online or in the grocery store. It can be so overwhelming.

I had my son in October and although I have been very blessed with a perfect baby, all of this advice weighed on my shoulders and I second guessed nearly everything I was doing. One thing that brought me back to my way of parenting is Values Guided Parenting.

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I went through the Values Guided Parenting book written by Parent Like You founder and Family Coach Kirsty Foster. This allowed us to have a lot of conversations while I was pregnant about how we wanted to raise our son and what our dreams were for him.

I was always curious about how we would use our family values with a newborn. There would be no need to refer back to them if we were talking to our child about their behaviour. We couldn’t teach and discuss the values with our son. Encouraging him to show the values in our everyday life seems like a bit of a stretch for a newborn (who just wants to eat, sleep and get their nappy changed).

So can we use Values Guided Parenting with a newborn? Absolutely!

I found that it created a culture in my household where my husband and I could openly communicate with each other and where we knew and understood what is important to both of us as parents.