The only programme that empowers you to work WITH your children to break their unhealthy screen time habits and replace these with a healthy, manageable screen time system that is 'right' for your family.

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This tool kit is for you if:


✔️ You're worried about your kids' screen usage but are unsure how to reduce it without World War III breaking out! 


✔️ Your kids are obsessed with their screens and want to be on them 24/7 (particularly since the pandemic)


✔️ Your kids have lost interest in other hobbies and pastimes


✔️ Your kids are angry or sad if they can't use their devices (or don't want to turn them off)


✔️ You're the kind of parent that likes to work respectfully and collaboratively WITH your children to resolve challenges

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What's included in this tool kit:


✔️ The 'How to reduce your children' screen time' Master Class

  • An easy to watch video that talks you through how to get your children’s buy-in so they WANT TO work with you to reduce their screen time.

  • Learn how to facilitate a fun 'screen-free challenge' to motivate your children to have a voluntary reset of their screen usage.

  • Step by step instructions on how to set up a new screen time system that is right for your family - one that everyone can stick to for the long term.

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✔️ The 'How to reduce your kid's screen time' Printable Tools

  • #screenfreechallenge invitation cards (to get the friends/cousins onboard)

  • #screenfreechallenge contract template - for you to customise with your children

  • #screenfreechallenge customisable incentive chart

  • #screenfreechallenge certificate of completion!

  • Family agreement template

  • Screen time coupons


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✔️ Membership in the 'How to reduce your child's screen time' Facebook Support group

  • Get tips, advice and support

  • Share, vent, make friends


Kirsty Foster is a very experienced early childhood teacher, Primary School teacher, Montessori teacher and passionate RIE/Pikler educator.


She is also a proud mum to 3 awesome boys, wife to husband, Andy and Founder and Family Coach here at Parent Like You.


Kirsty's teaching and coaching experience, combined with her own personal parenting experience and her intuitive nature, provides her with an amazing gift for empowering parents to overcome their everyday parenting challenges.

This tool kit is a game changer for your family!


Reduced risk of long term behaviour and health issues

Fewer tantrums, angry outbursts and battles

More independent, creative and resilient children

And that parental guilt that you have been carrying around with you about your kids watching too much screen time - that will be GONE… you will feel completely liberated


The total value of this tool kit is $94.95...

As a COVID special you can get the entire tool kit for just $64.95!

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