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Hi, I'm Kirsty Foster, experienced Family Coach and also qualified and experienced early childhood teacher, primary school teacher, Montessori teacher and RIE/Pikler educator.

I'm also Mum to three amazing boys aged 5, 10 and 13.

I have over 18 years of experience working with parents and families to overcome parenting challenges and I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with your family too!

I specialise in working with parents to uncover their own unique style of parenting. In our coaching sessions we will create a set of family values specific to your family and uncover behaviour limits, consequences, and positive reinforcement methods that link to these family values.

By the end of your 30 days of support you and your partner with feel like the ultimate parenting team! You will be a united front that's more confident and capable than ever before.

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Kirsty was able to get us on the same page with our parenting. We had been arguing a lot about the right way to do things with our kids. Now we feel a lot more aligned.

Christy Lee

It has been a pleasure working with Kirsty on our family values and empowering us to work as a team through the challenges of Parenting. Thank you for your encouragement, words of wisdom and we look forward to smashing our goals.


Kirsty inspired us to really think about what was important to us. We loved looking ahead to the future and imagining our children as adults. Now we have a set of family values that we are all aligned on. It has really taken the stress out of parenting as we know we are on the right track.


Before we started working with Kirsty we were both disciplining our children in different ways. This was confusing for them and a cause of frustration in our relationship. Now we are on the same page with our parenting and have all of the wonderful personalised resources to help us implement everything we've learned.

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  • Personalised parenting plan

  • Personalised resources (valued at over $80)

  • 3 x Family coaching sessions

  • 30 days of follow up support

  • Same page parenting

  • Feel empowered to Parent Like You

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what's included in the package?

Phone/Zoom session where Kirsty will help you visualise your children as grown up, thriving adults and help you uncover the values you would like for them to live their lives by.

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coaching session 1

Next you'll independently work through some activities with your children (depending on their age) to ensure their voices are included in your new family framework.

Family Moments

Family brainstorm


Phone/Zoom session to finalise your family values with Kirsty, then collectively turn these values into a framework of consistent limits, consequences, and positive reinforcement systems.

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coaching session 2

Kirsty will pull together everything that we have collectively created and turn these into a personalised plan that you can use to help you implement your new 'Same Page Family Framework'.


personalised plan created

Next Kirsty will create individualised  resources especially for your family and have them delivered  to your door!


personalised resources made

When your resources arrive, you'll jump on another zoom/phone session with Kirsty as she talks you through your 'Same Page Parenting Plan', coaches you through the action points and explains how to utilise the resources.

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coaching session 3

Next you'll be empowered to implement your 'Same Page Parenting Plan'! You'll get unlimited text/email correspondence with Kirsty for 30 days after your final family coaching session - to support you on your same page parenting journey.


follow up support

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